Southern California Breakup and Paleomagnetic Vector Rotations, 20 Ma to Present, animation

Shows a model for the tectonic evolution of southern California and northern Baja California, from twenty million years ago to present, showing how remnant paleomagnetic vectors in rocks of the Transverse Ranges block would be rotated compared to those in rocks of the surrounding regions.

Download package includes the animation and an image showing the paleomagnetic declination data from the western Transverse Ranges.

To view this movie, click on the images.

Download: Southern California Movie with Paleomagnetic Vectors (14 MB)

This movie was created by Tanya Atwater using Photoshop and Morph.
Paleomagnetic Data Figure is from Atwater, T., 1998, "Plate Tectonic History of Southern California with emphasis on the Western Transverse Ranges and Santa Rosa Island", in Weigand, P. W., ed., Contributions to the geology of the Northern Channel Islands, Southern California: American Association of Petroleum Geologists, Pacific Section, MP 45.

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