India-Asia Continental Collision, animations

This movie is dedicated to Peter Molnar to honor his lifelong research on this spectacular continental collision, on the occasion of his 60th Birthday Symposium, Colorado, 2004. (The movie was finally completed in 2007.)

Shows a cut-globe view of the continental collision between India and Eurasia from 60 million years ago to present. Many details are drawn reflecting ideas current in about 2006, and are subject to change as research continues.

Slower and faster (twelve-second and four-second) versions are offered. Both are included in the download package. The former allows contemplation of many details of the collision process. The latter, speeded up version brings out the drama of this, our planet's most colossal, on-going collision.

To view this movie, click on the images.

In addition, a second version of the twelve-second movie, with Tibet labeled on its cross sectional front, is included. This version emphasizes the shortening and thickening of the Tibetan plateau during the collision, but distracts the viewer from other aspects.

To view this movie, click on the images.

download three versions of the India-Asia Continental Collision movie (7 MB)

Created by Tanya Atwater with extensive reviews and edits by Peter Molnar. Made using Photoshop and Morph, with original continental outlines on the globe from

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