World Physiography - on a Flat Map and wrapped onto a Spinning Globe, map and animations

World map created in 2003 by Jeff Blasius using a data compilation by Don Anderson and David Sandwell. It combines ocean bathymetry from satellite altimetry data (Seasat and Geosat) with land topography data. The images were generated using GMT with the It's colors were slightly modified by Tanya Atwater in 2013.

Download: World Physiograpy Map: 30"x15" (3.3 MB)

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Spinning globe created by Jeff Blasius, made by wrapping the physiographic map around a sphere using Bryce. This animation is offered for download in two sizes.

To view the spinning globe movie, click on the image.

Download: Large Spinning Globe Movie (20 MB)

Download: Small Spinning Globe Movie (7 MB)

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